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Twisted Metal 4 is a big improvement over Twisted Metal III’s. There are more hidden areas than in the previous games, and you’ll likely play a level more than a dozen times before finding everything. Standout levels include Amazonia 3000 BC, which has quite a few different tiers to sneak off to, and The Oil Rig, which has lots of satisfying places to set traps. Each stage also has a secret weapon that you can use on your enemies until someone comes and knocks you off the weapon’s controls. For instance, in the first level you use a large magnet, which sucks your opponents high up into the sky, preparing them for a big drop. The levels aren’t quite as epic as those in Twisted Metal II: World Tour, but they get the job done well. The only one that’s kind of dull is the first – a construction yard with a lot of topographically flat spaces.


The control and physics are also better than in TMIII, but they remain a little too touchy and unforgiving. It's still a little too easy to flip over, or miss a ramp, or go skidding off and get momentarily stuck on a ledge, but it doesn't happen nearly as often as in the previous game. Though prettier than those in TMIII, the graphics in TM4 aren't nearly as sharp as the graphics in its current main competitor - Activision's Vigilante 8: Second Offense - and while the game music fits well enough, it doesn't really draw you in. Each level has its own extended, looped version of songs by bands like Cypress Hill, Cirrus, and Skold; the best among them being remixes of the Rob Zombie tracks that appeared in Twisted Metal III.Several new weapons in the series will become quick favorites, such as the M.I.R.V., the freeze remote (a remote bomb that freezes everyone in the area), and the proximity mines (which work well when you leave them in teleport areas or drop them as you're being chased). Other welcome additions to the line are the new tournament contestants, which include the exterminator truck-driving Goggle Eyes and Rob Zombie, whose Dragula possesses a special weapon that grabs any vehicle in the area and holds it for a moment, while he shoots at it until it explodes. The new create-a-car option offers you three choices for size, style, and paint; four choices of special weapons; spoilers; and more than a dozen taunts. While this is a decent start and better than nothing, doubling the numbers would have really given you the ability to customize a ride just the way you like it. As it stands, you'll likely just use one of the vehicles already provided for you.

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