WWF SmackDown! 2 ps1

It’s been less than a year since the original WWF SmackDown! debuted on the PlayStation, and already its sequel, subtitled Know Your Role, is upon us. While it isn’t that much different from the last SmackDown!, SmackDown! 2 makes enough incremental changes and upgrades to be significant in its own right.


The list of modes present in SmackDown! 2 is impressive. Outside of the standard one-on-one and tag matches, you can also set up all kinds of different match criteria, such as special referee (where the referee can take sides and really get involved in the match), iron man, ladder match, hardcore (which has a ton of options on its own, such as handicap matches), slobberknocker (an endurance match of sorts that puts you up against several opponents), anywhere fall, King of the Ring, Royal Rumble, survivor, casket match, cage and hell in a cell matches, and table match. There are also a few different ring environments, based on SmackDown!, Raw, and the WWF's various pay-per-view events. There are also several different backstage areas, including locker rooms and the like. Neither the game nor the manual does a good job of explaining some of the more esoteric match types, but a little bit of experimentation quickly clears up the confusion.

The game has a deep roster, and it's up to date with most of the WWF's recent costume and character changes. The Undertaker has his biker motif, and he even appears on a motorcycle in his intro. However, THQ must not have wanted to spend the extra cash to license the Kid Rock song that the Undertaker has been walking out to lately, because he enters the ring to the standard WWF theme song.

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