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The first difference you’ll notice between SmackDown and all the other wrestling games out there is the speed. SmackDown plays significantly speedier than any other wrestling game, and this lends a fast and loose feel to the proceedings. To complement the speed, the gameplay has been kept fairly simple. But unlike other games in the genre that try to deliver a simple control scheme, SmackDown never feels oversimplified. It doesn’t have the slightly complex fighting-game-style moves of WWF Attitude, nor does it have the oversimplified timing-based attack system of WWF Wrestlemania 2000. SmackDown goes for a more action-packed style, and it manages to pull it off beautifully. The game has a reasonably up-to-date roster, including new wrestlers (well, new to the WWF, anyway) like the Dudley Boys, as well as all the old favorites, including Mankind, Undertaker, Kane, X-Pac, Chyna, Triple H, The Rock, Val Venis, the Hardy Boys, and many more.


WWF SmackDown! looks pretty amazing. Things may look a bit blocky at times, and the crowd isn't exactly stellar, but the animation and frame rate, which remains rock solid regardless of how many wrestlers are in the ring, really sell the game. The wrestlers move quickly, but the game still looks realistic. Squint and you might think for a split second that you're actually watching the real thing. The game shows a real attention to detail. Wrestlers get bruised up as they get beaten, and each character has a few different facial expressions. The Rock's special move, The People's Elbow, has finally been rendered perfectly in a game, complete with the removal of his elbow pad. Little touches, like the mat bouncing and the ring apron moving after a power bomb, really add a lot to the look of the game. The game has nice collision detection, and multiple-hit animations make the game constantly impressive. The camera moves around when needed, delivering some nice close-up shots of finishers and other big moves.

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