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Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories, known in Japan as Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters (遊戯王真デュエルモンスターズ封印されし記憶) is a video game loosely based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and anime series.

The game, made for the PlayStation, takes place in Ancient Egypt. The players play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game alongside characters that appear in the series.


Forbidden Memories is the newly released PlayStation adaptation of Kazuki Takahashi's popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, whose roots lie in manga and the extremely popular animated series of the same name. In the tradition of other card-game-to-video-game translations, Forbidden Memories features a relatively smooth card battling and deck building interface, which, in combination with the animated 3D battles, should appeal to fans of the series. Players who are new to Yu-Gi-Oh! should be prepared for quite a bit of work, however, to get the most out of this game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is the story of Yugi, a typical spiky-haired youth who loves to play the hottest new game on the block, Duel Monsters. In what at first seems like a blend of the popular Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering card games, Duel Monsters pits two players against one another, armed with cards that depict fantastic creatures and powerful magic. What makes Duel Monsters so unique is that it's based on the Shadow Game--a mystic ritual involving actual monsters and spells that was performed in ancient Egypt 5,000 years ago. Thus is it revealed that Duel Monsters is more than just a simple card game, and so unfolds the story of Yugi, the heir to the pharaohs' dynasty.

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